Restaurant Petossi

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For Restaurant Petossi of Masterchef Bart van Berkel we made this image of petossi (Kale) on this tile panel.

Total size

90cm x 75cm
(height X width)

Tile type

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We make a copy of the depicted tableau. So there will always be small variations in color and shape. This cannot be ruled out in the painting process. A hand-painted tile panel is unique. So take into account small differences, which guarantee the uniqueness of your product.

All tile panels can be adjusted in color and size. Another idea? Feel free to ask.


Delivery: the delivery time has been extended. Since all products are handmade in the workshop, we need this space. There is always a risk of breakage during the baking process, which may still cause a delay. In that case, we will notify you. For returns, see the terms of use.