Give your home a personal touch with a handmade tile panel created by 1000graden ceramic artisans. Inspired by Dutch tradition, our handmade tile panels are both contemporary and timeless.

Choose out of more than one hundred original designed tile panels in this webshop. If you want something special we modify the panel to your personal taste, size and liking. Or we can create something completely new!


Chiel and Bea go back a long time. They met at the Amsterdam Academy of Art & Design in the eighties. They were trained as art teachers in the techniques of fine art and painting. Subsequently they moved on to and specialized in decorating ceramics.

Their mastery of hand-painting ceramics has grown over the years, while studying many international styles and practicing multiple application techniques. The signature 1000graden tile panels made by Bea and Chiel, are the result of years of experience in painting and decorating. They have made tile panels for many kitchens, home interiors, restaurants, and shops.

1000graden is the ceramic design company of Bea Peters and Chiel Kleipool. 1000graden is also Dutch for 1000 degrees, the Celsius temperature of the ceramic kiln for melting glazes.

The craft

We draw and paint on tiles in different techniques.

Handmade edition:  this is an edition of tile panels with the same decoration.

Hand-painted with glaze:  these are exclusive tile panels, there is no 2nd copy. It is about the “hand of the master”.


Options for tiling: The tile panel stands alone, without surrounding field tiles, glued to the wall, or sunk into the stucco. Integrate the tile panel into a tiled wall. Process the tiles in a counter top, bar, table top, a fireplace, outdoor table, paneling, behind the wood stove. As a framed tile painting for the wall, a billboard. The tiles are numbered on the back and supplied with a map. We recommend that you lay out the tile panel before applying it to the wall. We recommend a small joint of 1 to 2 mm. If you do not want to permanently attach the tile panel, you could stick the tiles on a plasterboard of at least 1 cm. For more information about this please contact us.


Prior to painting on the tiles, we make one or more sketches and visualisations.
With a new design or adjustments to an existing tile panel, we first make a composition sketch.


Based on the design sketch and the composition drawing, we paint directly on the tiles. We start by creating the color palette. Mixing the glazes and colors is an important part of the process. All 1000graden tile panels have a recognisable signature. This is due to the colors we use and the watercolor-like application technique.


The separate tiles are placed in a tile cassette in the ceramic oven. Baking the tiles at 1000 degrees Celsius is a traditional process in which the end result is only visible after 24 hours.

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